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 (1982-) was raised by his mother in a single-parent home. It was hard for a single mother raising three kids on her own, and the family moved around a lot, not spending much time in one place or even one schools system. In one year, Jamon attended over four schools. This made it hard to keep friends, make connections , and completely obliterated hopes of settling down and calling one place home. It also created difficulties developmentally, as he did not have a complete knowledge of many basics taught in grade school. Because of this Jamon retreated into himself. Many story ideas began to develop while he played alone in the schoolyard.

Jamon Miller finally received a dual major from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN in English and Creative Writing. Jamon Miller, author of She is...Africa (October 5, 2005), has been writing since a very young age. At the age of ten he started writing scripts for movies and plays, later moving onto short stories, and finally novels. He started on blank sheets of paper and went through whole forest of notebooks before moving onto typewriters and finally into the new age of computers. His mother purchased his first computer a used laptop for Christmas one year. Students and teachers in his elementary, junior high, and high schools could probably still recall him today, writing away during class, honing his craft. After college, Jamon spent time working in the field of finance. He worked at several financial institutions, including Wells Fargo, Allianz Life, and Us Bank. During the critical financial crisis that affected so many and decimated the mortgage industry. Jamon heard many stories of people losing everything after working their whole lives, and nearing retirement age with almost nothing. 

Jamon rededicated himself to his craft, doing a complete turnaround and devoting his life to the one thing he loved to do, writing. He spent this time reworking She is...Africa his first novel, as well as writing his second novel Gardens and the Warrior of Heaven (March 13, 2013). Jamon, who was once determined to attend professional schools, declined acceptance into law school to pursue his writing career. Jamon is currently single, and when not writing he helps raise his nephew and nieces, and spends time with his family and some pretty special friends. When not doing that, he is working on improving www.jamonmiller.com (which features information about upcoming books, events, and purchasing information on his works) his website, and wracking his brain or a new story idea and trying hard to write the "great American Novel."