She is...Africa

 Aaliyah is a beautiful but misunderstood girl growing up in ancient tribal Africa. Her future as both the wife of a local prince and medicine woman of her village seems predetermined until she meets Fedell and falls in love. Their forbidden relationship is torn apart when she is kidnapped by Egyptians and dragged halfway across the continent to be forced into a loveless marriage with the reluctant Prince Mohammed. As she transforms into the Queen of Egypt, Aaliyah is torn between embracing her new life and longing for her home and family. When Fedell reappears as an enemy of the state, she will have to decide her own fate—and his—once and for all. 

This exciting, historical novel about passion, destiny and sacrifice captures the essence of a bygone era   


Historical Fiction. Epic. Romance. Drama. Fantasy. 

Print Length: 317 pages
Publisher: Createspace (November 9, 2015)
Publication Date: November 9, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars Africa--A New Perspective By MRA on December 21, 2006 Format: Paperback


I first would like to start by saying that at first glance Africa didn't seem like something that would interest me in reading, but considering the author is about my age and I also had the opportunity to take a course with him at the University of MN.I decided I would read, for a few reason, 1. to help support him as an author who is still getting out there, and as someone who enjoys writing and someday would like to have something published, to see what a "finished" product would be like for someone that is almost equivalent to me (or maybe it should, me almost equivalent to him) Point being is that most of what I read is by well know authors, or books that come highly recommended--I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed reading Africa and now can be the one to highly recommend this book to my friends and other people.

For the book itself--Africa really gives you a little bit from a variety of genres: action, drama, some romance and even a little bit of mystery, which I think is a greater part of the structure of the book than the actual story. I could not believe how captivating the story was almost impossible to put down for it is a great page turner. I really enjoyed was that it wasn't written to just tell you a story, but it was able to open you up to a new perspective of Africa, even a new perspective on the way of life.

This is a book, regardless of what you like to read, is a book that you will find great enjoyment in reading.

5.0 out of 5 stars An exciting and wonderful story! By Lori on January 20, 2006 Format: Paperback

 Africa is a story that has everything; adventure, romance, drama, and even a little magic. It is a wonderful historical fiction and once you start reading it you will have trouble putting it down. I would recommend it to anyone. 

Africa By Tennessee Drifter on October 11, 2010 Format: Paperback

 Africa is an amazing book that has a highly creative and powerful story line. The story is infused with spiritual insights and though this book is written by a man it contains a deep insight into a woman's perspective and the emotional roller coaster that they sometimes experience. For the men who want to know what a woman is thinking, and the mind frame and paradigm of different women, this book is for you. For the women who want to relate and go on a journey of grand experiences and beautiful scenery along with titillating scents this is the book for you. Though this book is comprised of words this book somehow captures awesome and amazing visual experiences. Jamon Miller does a fantastic job of giving very clear, deep character descriptions of each important character that help each one pop out in your imagination. The characters have their own expressions and their own important role. To conclude, this book is full of adventure, life, love and also sadness which may make you cry. This book is hard to put down it begs to be read and the pages go by too fast, like the days of life. I really enjoyed this book and if you're looking for a good read that keeps you on the edge of your sofa this is the book for you or you could just go read a history book, lol, your choice. 

She is...Asia

For countless generations, the spirits ruled over people. We were at there mercy in all that we did. We prayed to them for rain, we prayed to them for sun, we prayed to them for everything. Sometimes the spirits could be cruel, but they were all we had but things had changed, the spirits had been replaced by Allah, and he was good...

But it was another thing, to truly reach him. That is called Enlightenment. 

And that is when the story begins...